An Ultimate Guide to Design a Small Bathroom

Design a Small Bathroom

Even if you have limited space for your bathroom, a bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Of course, you will save your money by having a small bathroom without leaving the essence of the room itself. In this article, we are going to show you the tips on designing a small bathroom. Check this out.

Nothing on the walls

When you only have limited space for the bathroom so this room should be small and narrow, you need to strip your walls. Nothing can be hung on the wall. It also means that you will need to put the towels on the back of the door or make a built-in cabinet for your amenities. In fact, decorative shelves will not make the room appears better too.

Design a Small Bathroom

Design a Small Bathroom

Open up your ceiling

If your bathroom is narrow and you also have a tall ceiling then you may want to open this room. But if this thing is impossible then you can paint it with light blue and draw some clouds so the attention would be up there. In fact, a narrow bathroom does not mean boring after all because we can still browse situs poker online at

Clear shower enclosure

In order to give the impression a more spacious space, you need to eliminate the visual clutter as much as possible. This also means that you will need to consider any material and fixture you choose for your bathroom. For example, you better choose the clear shower enclosures with as fewer hardware as possible. Other than that, you may prefer using sing doors instead of the bypass ones.

Design a Small Bathroom

Design a Small Bathroom

Utilize every single nook

Storage is something necessary when it comes to the bathroom. However, since space is limited, you cannot put storage anywhere you like. There are several spots you can take advantage of in the bathroom, such as behind the door, over the pouches of the door and the built-in shelving. Besides making every space occupied, you do not need to make the bathroom appears more cluttered.

The magic of a mirror

A mirror will flatter small space and it is also applicable for the bathroom. However, in order to save space, you can make a mirrored medicine cabinet. So, it will hold your things in a safe space and illuminate the small bathroom at the same time. You can even make the cabinet in a built-in style so you will not occupy another space.