Portraits and Designs: All about Portrait Sculpture You Need to Know

If you love art, you must know that another form of portrait design is the sculpture of people’s head. It is no doubt that human’s sculpture even if you don’t know the character is can make you wonder who the person is. The expression and the line of the face may make you even more interested to know why the artist creates such an expression. Great portrait sculptures created by famous artists can be very tempting that people want to buy their works.

Portrait Sculpture

Portrait Sculpture

The reasons why people buy pieces of sculptures for collections

There are many reasons why people collect pieces of sculptures. Some people may have inner art inside them so they always feel it is a must for them to collect sculptures and other pieces of arts. Others may buy sculptures because they love the characters especially if the characters are famous and give them inspirations. Others may buy sculptures because they relate to the memories of poker uang asli when the sculptures are created. Last but not least, many kinds of sculptures are very expensive, so people who buy them must think about investment.

Some of the expensive sculptures made by famous artists can be purchased but some famous portraits cannot be purchased. See the examples of famous portrait sculptures below.

Famous Sculptures in the World

        Bust of Nefertiti

        Venus of Willendorf

        The Terracotta Army


        Antonio Canova, Perseus with the Head of Medusa

        Auguste Rodin, The Burghers of Calais

        Laocoon and His Sons

You must be familiar with those famous sculptures and some of you may have seen them. So, are you getting more interested in knowing about portrait sculptures more? If you are interested to know how artists make sculptures of people’s head, you can continue reading this article.

Portrait Sculpture

Portrait Sculpture

What artists consider when creating portrait sculptures

In the work of portraits, human anatomy and proportion are everything. First thing first, artists will think deeply about proportion, positioning, and measurement of facial features. Next, they will pay attention to the anatomy of skull and bone structures. After that, they will do their best to create portrait sculptures. Finally, they do this and that to finish their work.

Materials and methods used for creating portrait sculptures

People can use marble, clay, wood, bronze, plaster, ivory, and metal to create portrait sculptures. In modern time, even ice and sand can be used for portraits sculptures. The methods to use are carving for wood and stone, firing for clay, casting for bronze, etc.

If you are still young and want to be a professional artist, it is better for you to study art and decide what your passion really is. Hopefully, the article about portraits and designs can give you enough information.