Portraits and Designs: Knowing Portraits Paintings in a Nutshell

Portraits Paintings

Some people were born with a painting or drawing gift. They don’t study arts nor learn how to paint or draw. They just can do it just like that. If you are one of them and your passion is to paint persons, you’d better read this article sharing about types of portraits including self-portraits. This will broaden your knowledge and your painting skill will be better and better.

Portraits Paintings

Portraits Paintings

Different types of portraits paintings

        Judging from the participants in the portraits, there are individual portraits, situs judi poker, self-portraits, double portraits, and group portraits.

        Judging from the pose, there are a full-face view, three-quarter view, profile view, and tronie to show someone’s head, face, and expression.

        Judging from the length, there are full, half, three-quarter, head and shoulders portrait, miniature, and Kit-cat that shows the head, half of the body, and hands like those in Mona Lisa’s Leonardo da Vinci. 

The facts about painting self-portraits

        Some artists say that painting self-portraits are great since it is a kind of model that will be available all the time.

        Although the model—you yourself won’t make any complaints and you can just do this and that, it’s quite challenging. You should be able to capture the essence of yourself.

        It is a chance for artists making self-portraits to tell people how they really are.

        Most artists consider painting their own self-portraits as the way to practice and sharpen their painting skills since it is almost impossible to sell their own self-portraits. If you want to try to do it, it is better for you to use a mirror to ease you. Many artists say that it is not that easy to paint someone you really know—yourself.

        Artists painting their own self-portraits sometimes have a temptation to be dishonest by dolling themselves up. 

Portraits Paintings

Portraits Paintings

Tips for painting self-portraits

        Don’t hesitate to paint yourself. Don’t worry about anything. Just start right away.

        Before painting, you should draw first. Pay attention to the space between your eyes that should be the length of an eye. The bottom of the ears should be a bit lower than your nose. Your ears’ tops have to be aligned to your eyebrows like your mouth’s edge that should be aligned to your eye pupil as well.

        Pay attention to the lighting. The correct lighting will make a great contrast.

        Be honest to yourself and others by painting how you really are. Don’t forget about the expressions. You shouldn’t worry about showing how you feel by the time you paint yourself. It is also great if you have your self-portraits with different expressions.

Those who love paintings without any education of art must really like about this article sharing all the things about self-portraits paintings. Anything is fair in art, so don’t worry about anything when you paint your self-portraits even if you think you are not beautiful. Just express yourself and practice your painting skill.