5 Tips on Designing a Better Kitchen

Better Kitchen

The kitchen is definitely the heart of a home. You cannot design a kitchen carelessly since it is not only a space for cooking but also a gathering spot. In this article, we are going to give you tips to make a better kitchen. You can also apply these tips to your home too.

Stay clear of corners

In order to make the cabinets and appliance doors function properly and fully, you need to make a plan space for the clearance of the door as well as the swing direction. The corners should be cleared so you can reach any item that you stored in this area. Other than that, you need to make sure that each door would not bang another door when you open it at the same time.

Better Kitchen

Better Kitchen

Eliminate wasted steps

Every item in the kitchen has its own location and you must stick with it in order to eliminate any wasted step. For example, you must store bowls and breakfast-related items near the breakfast table for sure. Keeping plastic containers and wraps in a handy spot close to the work surface is advisable in order to wrap any leftover. Flatware and dishware needed to be located near the dishware.

Direct traffic

If you have kids then you need to design a kid-friendly kitchen as well. It is important to put the cooktop out of the traffic area. It will prevent the children from catching the handles or causing spills when they run through this area. Other than that, make sure the refrigerator is accessible for people who pass by and work in the kitchen as well.

Better Kitchen

Better Kitchen

Design wide walkways

The pathway in the kitchen should be at least 75 cm wide. The path in the cooking zone should be between 87 cm and 100 cm, depending on the configuration of your kitchen. You also need to adjust the peninsula and island accordingly. When working, playing bola 88 at or cooking in the kitchen, it is important to have a wide walkway.

Determine the function of your island

Kitchen islands are not the most essential thing in the kitchen. However, if you have a wide kitchen then you will be more likely to have an island in the kitchen. Still, you need to determine the main function of the island because form always follows function for this item. If you will use the island for eating and cooking then you need to make sure that the dining area is safely separated from your dining area.